Isle of Man Government Case Study

COVID-19 – Public Information Campaign


The Isle of Man Government engaged Ashgrove Marketing to create a bright, eye-catching campaign which would educate rather than alarm, whilst still getting across the seriousness and importance of the messages required.


We needed to engage with all demographics in terms of age, gender, race, creed, and occupation and came up with a lively illustrative style against bold blocks of colour which could easily incorporate any of the rapidly changing messages required. The addition of ‘fun’ elements such as Viking helmets and T-shirts with the ‘Three Legs of Man’ also localised it so people would feel that it was particularly relevant to them.


The campaign was rolled out across all media including posters at the airport and ferry terminals, bus advertising, newspaper adverts, in-store stickers, video screens, phone kiosks, lift doors and social media. The bold approach to the designs ensured that the campaign elements related to each other whilst the variations within the characters featured kept the campaign fresh and interesting.

The social media posts in particular have been well ‘liked’ and positive comments have been received about the quality of these communications.