We spend months thinking about how to act, what to say and what to wear during assemblies and as we prepared for our first day of ‘real work’, it felt as though we were back in primary school. The preparation put into getting ready for this week had made us both a little frightened because we were little fish getting out into an even bigger pond. The so called fish we were about to meet were ‘professionals’ and knew all the secrets of the business world. We never thought that Ashgrove would be filled with people who wanted us to be involved and wanted us to be part of their projects.

On our first day, to say we were nervous would’ve been an understatement. Walking up those stairs was like walking into your first day of school…dreadful. Getting greeted by smiling faces on a Monday gave us both hope. We were both given desks as well as our first project and we already felt like part of their team. During the week we created 3 presentations and presented them to 2 of the team, we created Facebook posts for the Ashgrove Creative Awards as well as creating a storyboard and filming it. Asking questions came easily and adding to conversations in the office felt like we were just talking to our friends. The office environment changed our whole outlook on how we thought offices would operate; the relaxed feel, continuous banter and the repetitive clicks of keyboards kept us both at ease. We never felt either over worked or neglected as we always had something to do and someone to chat to.

The week we spent at Ashgrove has been a big eye opener and helped us come to terms with where we might want to be in the future. If the word work experience came up again, I’m sure our first thoughts would be to contact Ashgrove straight away.

Emma Mellors & Finlay Batey