My first experiences in an Advertising Agency were during my many trips to South Africa. My grandma used to take myself and my sister to show off her grandchildren (all the way from the exotic ‘Isle of Man’) to all her work colleagues at TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Durban in South Africa.

Of course, I was originally too young to understand what was happening, but as I got older I started to take an interest in the many different areas within the agency and saw how much fun working in an agency could be! From then on I kept marketing in mind and although I am currently studying psychology at university, the great thing is that I have the ability combine both my interests in psychology and marketing through market research! Therefore knowing how important it is to gain experience in companies, I began searching online for agencies in the IOM- que Ashgrove Marketing. Immediately, from the eye catching website, the friendly faces, and the fun work ethic, I knew Ashgrove would be the perfect place for an internship.

Despite having previously met the majority of the people who work at Ashgrove during my interview and experiencing how friendly they all were, it is still fair to say that I was nervous at the start of my month long internship. I mean, I didn’t really have an in-depth understanding of what marketing is; just that it includes various different aspects. After getting settled at the desk that was mine for the month, I was briefed on my first task which was helping collate information for new clients and doing market research on up and coming ideas that were being proposed as new aspects of media and PR plans for the island.

During the month I was also invited to a meeting at the Villa for an event that the company was organising. This gave me the opportunity to understand the particulars that went into event management. I was also greatly honoured that my work at the start on research was noticed and that I was asked to be part of a team and help start the initial market research for a new client who was helping to sell new, modern furniture. This gave me a real insight into carrying out in-depth research on sales, costs, retailers, and learning competitive analysis, all of which would be linked to consumer psychology.

Surprisingly, apart from learning that I am good at cold calling, something else that I learned through my internship at Ashgrove is that I have an interest in Public Relations and that it is a part of marketing that I would like to further investigate. On a few occasions I was asked to write press releases about events on the Island that were being placed in either the newspaper or Manx Tails and, unexpectedly, I was told that I wasn’t that bad at  writing. This new found knowledge has given me another part of marketing that I can follow and also link to psychology for the future.

Apart from missing a few days due to illness, my month at Ashgrove has been exciting and a real eye opener in terms of the world of marketing.  Not only have I learnt new information about marketing and confirmed my interest in following this career, it has also given me the opportunity to see how fortunate I would be to work for a company with friendly people and such a passionate environment as Ashgrove Marketing. So thank you for the internship Ashgrove!