The problem is, because it is so easy, many businesses are tempted to bombard their audiences with content. Unfortunately this has the effect of desensitizing those they are seeking to influence.

Targeted PR seeks to avoid this clutter by careful selection of channels for specific audiences, something which is crucial to getting your story seen and heard.

As well as choosing the right medium, PR should be innovative and used across a number of platforms in a way that dovetails with your business marketing plan. PR professionals often use blog posts, visuals and releases to tell a story.

Increasingly video, white papers and webinars are becoming more popular as ways of connecting with and engaging audiences.  In Demand Gen Report’s 2014 Content Preferences Survey, whitepapers were among the top requested content formats by B2B buyers at 78%, followed by case studies at 72% and webinars at 67%,.

Lately videos and webinars seem to have been overtaking whitepapers because of their short and snappy format. It seems the patience required for reading reams of text is fading fast. Videos and webinars also offer a more personal way of getting your message across and establishing trust among your audience, which is much more effective than simply churning our posts and email shots.

The use of influencers as brand advocates to help convey company messages is also becoming a popular medium, although it must be remembered that every person has the potential to be a negative influencer for your brand as well as a positive one.  Sadly, it only takes seconds to tarnish that reputation you’ve spent years building up, especially online.

Minimising negative experiences to customers in the first place and monitoring your brand association at all times is key to keeping on top of this, as is training your team to handle situations and being prepared in the face of an attack before it becomes a PR disaster.

The PR industry has changed phenomenally over the past decade as it has adapted to the online revolution. But the fundamental requirement to craft and tell a good story remains. Strong and relevant content will always win out against the scattergun approach of constant but unfocused conversation, no matter how easy it is to push the ‘send’ or ‘post’ buttons!·