A week before my work experience is due to start, one of my tutors calls my name to talk privately. She offers me a spot at a company called Ashgrove, saying I will be doing graphics or animation. I accept the offer straight away as my passion is graphic designing. From that second, I spend the rest of the week thinking about what it’s going to be like to work in the real world!

When the day comes, I am nervous but excited. Everyone greets me with a smile on their faces, very friendly and approachable, which makes me feel welcome. I am given a tour around the office, and the set-up of individual desks with computers and chairs is perfect. I feel that this is the kind of place I want to spend my career in, to sit at my desk and turn my ideas into extraordinary pieces of work.

I am given a project to come up with a name for a magazine and create a cover. I am also asked to create a gif for the company’s logo. This particular project is quite a challenge for me because I have only created a gif once before in college. I admit that I am not that confident about it but, once I’ve started, I am inspired to carry on because I can see my colleagues getting excited with what I’m doing. I finish it almost without realising. I am excited to show off my work and everyone gives me compliments. But the most important thing for me is that I made everyone happy. It makes me feel that I have finally accomplished something that’s not just a student project.

My week at Ashgrove is fun. The ambience of the entire place and being around people passionate about their work is the kind of place that I would like to be in the future. The projects given to me help me to see how I’ve made the right choices with my studies, that I’m on the right course and that this is what I really want in my life. I will never forget that Ashgrove is the company that helped me see how much fun it can be to work in the design field.